Why Pink Diamonds are a Unique Investment

Why Pink Diamonds are a Unique Investment

Pink diamonds are not just dazzling gemstones; they're valuable investment commodities. But not all pink diamonds share the same status or worth. It is crucial for investors to discern between Argyle branded pink diamonds, diamonds verified as Argyle origin, and GIA certified pink diamonds from other sources.

The Significance of Argyle Branded Pink Diamonds

Argyle branded pink diamonds are uniquely inscribed with an official Argyle number on their girdle, verifiable by Rio Tinto. However, since Argyle began its certification only in 2005, these branded diamonds can be rare, making them a premium choice for discerning investors. These diamonds assure investors of their authenticity and often command higher prices due to their limited availability.

Differentiating Between Certifications

While the Argyle brand stands out, there are other certifications, including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and independent diamond laboratory verifications. Diamonds that do not meet Argyle's exacting standards might still come with an Argyle origin certificate, given their distinct characteristics synonymous with the Argyle mine.

The Promise of High Returns

Data from the Fancy Colour Research Foundation (FCRF) reveals a stark difference in appreciation rates. Argyle origin and other natural pink diamonds have seen an average annual increase of 9.5% since 2005. In contrast, premium Argyle branded pink diamonds have witnessed an enormous 28% average annual growth during the same period.

Investing Safely: The 5 C's of Pink Diamond Investment


The demand for certified pink diamonds, particularly from the Argyle mine, remains robust. Only a select few from this renowned mine are officially certified, making them sought-after assets in the investment world.


The cut of the diamond plays a significant role in its value. Round Brilliant pink diamonds typically fetch premium prices due to their cutting wastage and popular demand. Traditional Fancy shapes like Cushion, Radiant, Pear, and others, are also very sought-after by potential investors, making them high in demand in the resale market.


The unique Argyle hue grading system ranks diamonds based on dominant hues, ranging from 1 (deepest hues) to 9 (lightest). It's essential to consider the hue, saturation, and tone when evaluating a diamond's colour. For best returns, aim for diamonds with a 1 to 7 colour saturation in Pink, Purplish Pink, or Pink Rose hues.


A pink diamond's clarity is gauged by inspecting any imperfections. Though important, when it comes to Argyle diamonds, the colour saturation often outweighs clarity in importance.

Carat Weight

Size matters when investing in pink diamonds. Larger diamonds (0.20CT or more) are deemed premium investments, whereas sizes between 0.08CT to 0.19CT are standard investments. Those below 0.08CT, while collectable, offer different return potentials.

Securing Your Pink Diamond Investment

Given the value and rarity of pink diamonds, secure storage is paramount. When considering pink diamond storage, ensure that the facility specialises in safeguarding precious gems and offers state-of-the-art security features.

Navigating the Market

Engaging with established platforms like Pink Diamond Investments Pty Ltd can offer guidance, analytical tools, and insights into the pink diamond market, ensuring your investments are well-informed and profitable.

The Paramount Importance of Secure Storage

Investing in a pink diamond is not just about the initial purchase; it's about ensuring its safety and integrity over time. Given the rarity and value of these gemstones, their storage cannot be taken lightly. It's not merely about safeguarding an asset; it's about preserving a legacy.

Why Secure Storage is Non-negotiable

  • Protection Against Theft: Given the high value of pink diamonds, they are potential targets for theft. A secure storage solution provides an essential barrier against such risks.
  • Preservation of Quality: Over time, diamonds can suffer wear and tear. Secure storage ensures that the diamond remains in pristine condition, free from potential scratches, chips, or other damages.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your investment is safe allows you to rest easy. The mental peace that comes with secure storage is invaluable for an investor.
  • Insurance Implications: Many insurance companies require proof of secure storage to provide coverage for high-value items like pink diamonds. By investing in proper storage, you also ensure that you can access the best insurance rates and terms for your asset.

Partnering with WSVS: Your Pink Diamond's Best Ally

When it comes to pink diamond storage, not all facilities are created equal. WSVS stands out as a leading partner for several reasons:

  • State-of-the-art Security: WSVS offers cutting-edge security features ensuring that your pink diamond is guarded against all potential threats.
  • Expertise in Handling: The staff at WSVS are trained specifically in handling and caring for gemstones, ensuring your diamond remains in immaculate condition.
  • Climate Controlled: Pink diamonds need specific conditions to ensure their longevity. WSVS provides climate-controlled storage that maintains optimal conditions for preserving the brilliance of your gem.
  • Trust and Reputation: Partnering with WSVS means aligning with a name synonymous with trust in the industry. Our reputation has been built over years of dedicated service and commitment to excellence.

Final Thoughts

Your pink diamond is not just a testament to beauty and rarity; it's an embodiment of your investment acumen. By ensuring its secure storage, especially with trusted partners like WSVS, you not only protect your investment but also enhance its potential for appreciation over time.

Entrust your precious pink diamond with the best. Discover unparalleled pink diamond storage solutions with WSVS today.



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