6 Tips for Safely Storing Precious Metals and Gemstones

6 Tips for Safely Storing Precious Metals and Gemstones

For many, the allure of tangible assets like gold bullions, silver bullions, and gemstones such as diamonds lies in their enduring value. But maintaining that value hinges on appropriate storage. Whether you are safeguarding gold coins, silver bullions, or pink diamonds, here are six indispensable tips to ensure their longevity and security.

1. The Right Environment is Crucial

Precious metals and gemstones, each with their unique properties, require distinct storage environments to maintain their integrity and value.

  • Silver Bullions: Silver can deteriorate, especially when stored improperly. A low humidity environment is pivotal. Silver bullions can oxidise when exposed to moist conditions, tarnishing their surface. While this may not notably affect bullion bars, it can degrade the value of silver coins, especially if they possess collectable value over their spot price.
  • Gold Bullions: Gold is less reactive than silver but can still be susceptible to certain corrosive agents. Keeping gold bullions away from chemicals like mercury and chlorine is essential. Similarly, a controlled environment, free from drastic temperature changes, can preserve gold’s lustrous shine and avoid any potential physical deformities.
  • Pink Diamonds: These rare gemstones, revered for their beautiful hue, demand a pristine environment. Excessive moisture can be detrimental, potentially affecting the diamond's brilliance. Additionally, direct prolonged exposure to UV light may change the diamond's colour over time. Hence, storing them in a dark, cool, and dry place is recommended.

Professional secured asset storage facilities like Wealth Storage Vault Services maintain climate-controlled environments. These facilities ensure your varied investments, from gold and silver to pink diamonds, remain in top-notch condition.

2. Handle with Care

Less is more when it comes to handling precious metals:

  • Silver, in particular, can tarnish faster with frequent contact. The oils and dirt from hands can exacerbate this process. If you must handle, especially coins, always do so by the rim, not the face.
  • For coins with limited mintages, they usually come encased in protective plastic. Preserve this packaging to maintain their condition and resale value.

3. Prioritise Security

The safety of your investments is paramount:

  • Consider using a secure storage facility that specialises in gold storage, diamond storage, and bullion storage. These facilities, unlike bank safe deposit boxes, are tailored for precious asset storage.
  • Facilities like Wealth Storage Vault Services boast enhanced security measures, 24/7 monitoring, and are a trusted choice among savvy investors.

4. Preserve Original Packaging

Whether it's gold, silver, or gemstones:

  • For silver coins, retaining the original tubes or cases is best practice, ensuring protection and potentially better resale value.
  • While silver bars might come in boxes, the packaging here is not as critical. However, some investors prefer to retain it to optimise storage space.
  • Specifically for pink diamonds, it’s essential to keep all the packaging and certificates received upon purchase. These will help with resale.

5. Review Insurance Options

Protecting your investments goes beyond physical security:

  • While home storage might make insurance tricky, using professional Vault services simplifies the process. Facilities like Wealth Storage Vault Services often offer insurable interest on your stored assets, providing additional peace of mind. We do not recommend storing gold, silver or diamonds at home.
  • The cost for this additional coverage is typically a small percentage of your bullion’s value and is a nominal price for the security it offers.

6. Digital Security Remains Essential

Certificates or digital proofs of authenticity must be safeguarded too:

  • Consider secure data storage solutions for digital documents, far removed from hackable environments.
  • Encryption is your friend here, ensuring that your digital assets remain as secure as your physical ones.

Storing with Precision Protects Value

Investments in gold, silver, or gemstones are not mere whims; they are calculated decisions to protect and grow wealth. By following these storage tips, you’re not just preserving the present value of these assets; you're ensuring their future worth.

Looking for the gold standard in storage solutions? At Wealth Storage Vault Services, we specialise in the secure storage of tangible assets. Learn more about our offerings and give your investments the protection they deserve.

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